Babies on a Beach

Babies on a Beach

Hello everyone!

Here on Amami, there are a lot of beautiful white sand beaches and you can see beautiful blue ocean from beaches.

I want to share one of my favorite  memories.

when I was a kid, my father took us kids camping every summer.

He always loved to take us around our island. So I have a lot of fun memories with my family.
We went to many beaches on my island.

One night, when we were inside a tent, something started to move under….the sand under the tent.

We carefully got out, and tried to figure out what it was.  Then we found tiny baby sea turtles.

They had just hatched from their eggs, which were under the tent.

All of us kids were very excited and kept watching them.

They moved their front and back flippers as hard as they could and advanced towards the sea.

We had no idea we would be able to see it, and were very lucky to see this moment.

My father always tried to give us good experiences.

He already passed away 13 years ago, but I still can feel his love through these memories.

It is one of my greatest memories of my life.


Thanks for reading! (^_^)


Posted  by Miwa Taira