Fall, the Season of Harvest Festival in Amami

In the Fall in Amami, the daylight getting milder, many locals are convened at their home villages  to have harvest festivals. It’s time of family-reunion, fiends-meet-again or boy-meets-girl through dancing. Tourists are basically welcome to join the circle of dance in villages.  Especially,  AiAi Park in Naze,  Amami City, provides for tourists with experiences of the Read More

One of our guests posted these happy photos

We got a bbq at our Paradise location @thebeach #amami #jokerreizen #japan 🇯🇵🏖🏝 A post shared by Dries Wiercx (@driezl) on Jul 26, 2017 at 4:51am PDT Is this #paradise ? #amami #japan #jokerreizen 🇯🇵🌴🏝 A post shared by Dries Wiercx (@driezl) on Aug 19, 2017 at 1:55am PDT

Quite Nostalgic in Naze, Old Market Area

In Naze, Amami City, you have this nostalgic scenery, left behind the time. I mean, you are not from the 60s Japan, but you get a sense that that was kind of the Japan just after WWII. It takes you back to the era, and you kind of get a feeling that how the people Read More