Be careful a typhoon

According to the weather report,  a  typhoon is coming to Japan this weekend. People living in Amami Island are often affected by typoon.  We usually buy a lot of food to prepare it.  Be careful!

South part of Amami Island

Last Sunday I took a submarine to watch the beautiful seabed at Setouchi-Chuo and enjoyed canoeing at Mangroves in Sumiyo as an interpreter. The visitors are a group of 15 people who came from Taiwan. They are professors and students from an university in Taiwan. I helped the bus guide introduce Amami Island to them. Read More

Tsumugi Village

It was sunny sunshine day when I guided a lady from San Francisco. The beautiful garden is also impressive in here in Tsumugi Village. Looks very much like polynesia!   That’s what she said. Amami is more like Polynesia rather than Japan, isn’t it?

Babies on a Beach

Hello everyone! Here on Amami, there are a lot of beautiful white sand beaches and you can see beautiful blue ocean from beaches. I want to share one of my favorite  memories. when I was a kid, my father took us kids camping every summer. He always loved to take us around our island. So Read More

Beautiful Sunset in Ohama Beach

Ohama beach is famous for beautiful sunset. It has a shallow coral reef that is good for snorkeling and swimming, also has a lot of facilities such as a campground, an aquarium, a spa, showers and lockers.      Don’t you want to see this beautiful sunset?!?   Posted by Miwa Taira  

Mangrove Forest

There is a mangrove forest which is the second largest one in Japan.  It’s about 7 square kilometers. We can take you a guided kayak tour through a maze of mangrove forest.     It’s very fun and a popular activity!   Posted by Miwa Taira  

Golden Shower

During the Summer, it’s a season of, “Golden Shower” I think the blue sky and gorgeous yellow flowers together look so beautiful!   Posted by MIwa Taira

Kakeroma Island

Kakeroma island is 30 minutes away from Amami island by boat. I took a day trip.Magnificent nature and incredibly beautiful blue blue ocean! A small route bus and a bus stop.Nostalgic scenery reminds me of my old days. I’ll definitely visit there again!       Posted by Miwa Taira

A sightseeing spot in koniya of Amami

There is a landscape in Koniya where you can see a heart-shaped view of the sea. I went to there last weekend just the day when a typhoon hit Kagoshima.